About JSH Photography

It started out as a mistake and turned into a passion.

JSH Photography is a Fort Worth Wedding Photographer Studio that strives to offer superior photographic services at reasonable prices. Our goal is always to produce images that you will cherish for years to come. We truly believe in the power of a simple photograph.

My name is Joel Harrison.  Photography started out as a mistake for me.  I had signed up for newspaper in high school and was put into the photography class by mistake.  I let the teacher know and she told me she would resolve the problem at the end of the class because she taught both subjects.  After hearing about photography and learning what we would get to do I asked if I could do both classes and the teacher said yes. The rest is history.

I am the founder, owner and principle photographer at JSH along with my twin brother Nathanael.  He is technically 3 minutes older than me but we are not keeping score! We both live near Fort Worth, TX with our families and truly love the area.  We each fell into photography in different ways, but we both share a passion for photographing people and trying to capture moments in time for others to enjoy and look back on fondly.

There is nothing like a photograph to us and we both adore it like few things.  It is singular and yet multi-dimensional.  It captures a split second of time and yet it brings back floods of memories.  Photographs can evoke joy, awe, pain and so many other emotions.  Photography is the convergence of technology, science and art.  Truly it is an amazing media to work with.

Unlike other forms of media, photographs are timeless and offer the viewer a chance to engage the picture in a unique emotional way unlike anything else.  They are allowed the freedom to use their own imagination and personal memories to connect with the subjects in the photo.  This unique quality sets photography apart and is why we here at JSH are so passionate about what we do. We are not just capturing photographs, we are making memories that our clients will treasure for years.

At JSH we specialize in Wedding, Portrait and Event Photography and only use professional grade digital equipment. Depending on your needs one or several photographers can be on site to capture your event and make sure every moment is frozen in time. After final image selections are made we convert them to high resolution jpegs and give each client a disc allowing them to print the photographs themselves.