Portrait Photography – Fort Worth, TX

Portraits are unique. They capture a moment in time, a slice of someone’s life and personality, and preserve it for all to view.  They can be thought provoking, playful, joyous, painful, artful, and the list goes on. Portrait photography is like no other form of media in that the viewer has the opportunity to view the portrait photograph and remember the events or place themselves inside the photo how they choose.  This emotional connection is what sets portrait photography apart and makes it very different from any other form of art or media.

Our goal at JSH is to capture our clients as they are.  We focus on making every portrait session as comfortable as possible, let’s face it not many people like having their picture taken. We know it can be intimidating, that is why we work hard to make you feel comfortable so your portrait photographs represent you, not a posed version of you.

Sessions are available all year and we take any kind of portraits you can think of, so call today and talk to us to see if we are a good fit for your portrait photography needs.

Below are samples of some of our portrait work.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions